The Four Noble Truths

Topics: Noble Eightfold Path, Four Noble Truths, Buddhism Pages: 2 (548 words) Published: January 23, 2014
Nujeen Mohammed
Philosophy TR 11:20
October 17, 2013
Response Paper 1
The Four Noble Truths On the Buddhist argument of suffering it is called the 4 Noble Truths. First things first in the Truths it starts off by saying “In life there is suffering”, then Suffering is caused by desire and grasping, next to Escape suffering we must stop/ cease grasping. Lastly the way to relax and stop grasping is the Eight Fold Path. This is what the Buddhist believed to be true and I fairly well agree with it. The way I understand this system for example, God forbid I lost my sister. In my life I would start suffering because I just lost the closest and dearest person to me so I would be in so much pain therefore I would be suffering. Now the reason why I suffered through her death was because I held on to her so tight and I was so attached to her in this life, now that she is gone I need to escape this suffering because it is not okay if it’s here with me forever. So now that I know this I need to teach myself a method or go through therapy to relax and stop this strong grasping. The way to get through all of this is by the 8 Fold Path which consists of only the best three parts, Wisdom, Ethics, and Discipline. Dharma is what is; the way and or the path including 8 fold Path, Teachings, followings teachings, and the 4 Noble Truths. Now this Dharma seems to be true and I believe in it but I don’t believe in the religion as a whole because I feel like it isn’t a whole yet, to me it seems incomplete but I have agreed to the teachings of the Dharma up to this point. Now my favorite part is the 8 fold Path because it’s teaching style is quiet beautiful with the Wisdom you have to have the right view meaning to assist letting go of a story you were once taught and right motivation meaning the hold enlightenment, to be awake. Next we have Ethics and this is what each and every human being needs to be...
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