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The Great Stupa. Explain the reason why it was built, the characteristics and the purpose. The Great Stupa is an Indian Buddhist Monument. In the origins the Stupa used to be burial mounds covering the relics of Buddha and his followers, but now is a symbol because of the Spiritual value, in most of this o places the relics are not longer at the Stupa. We can find different stupas but the most complex and delicate the Great Stupa of Sanchi. Sanchi is a city located 68 km north of Bhopal in the State of Madhya Predesh. This city is very characteristic because Buddha’s life never touches in any manner this city o there is not significant even in the history of Buddhism. The Great Stupa was built mound about 50 feet height, face in stone, the diameter of the Stupa is 36.60 meters and its height is 16.46 meters. It is built of large burnt bricks and mud mortar, has a large hemispherical dome which is flat at the top, and crowned by a triple umbrella, Chattra or stone disk which united earth and heaven, the Yasti is a pole positioned on top of the stupa and was intent to function as a access mundi or a line connecting heaven to earth on a pedestal surrounded by a square railing or Harmika, a Buddha's relics were placed in a casket chamber in the centre of the Dome which set apart from the profane by the stone fence which circle the structure . At the base of the dome is a high circular terrace probably meant for parikrama or circumambulation and an encircling balustrade, at the ground level are a stone-paved procession path and another stone balustrade and two flights of steps leading to the circular terrace. . The relics that this stupa has inside are buried within the stupa. We can find four Toranas o Gates, which correspond to the four cardinal’s points, North, South, East and West. Southern gate is the oldest and the southern one the most preserve, the gates are covered with the most engraved sculptures of Buddha life, the first Torana gateway to be built is...
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