The Legalization of Prostitution

Topics: Prostitution, Human rights, Law Pages: 2 (497 words) Published: March 1, 2015
The Legalization of Prostitution
Prostitution is one of the oldest professions in the history of the world. The tradition probably started in ancient Babylon, where females needed to go to temples and shrines to serve as sacred prostitutes and offer sexual services to foreigners as an expression of hospitality. 下一页,下一页,下一页 In the United States, prostitution is not legal, except for a few counties in Nevada. 下一页,下一页In recent years, there have been some debates about the legal status of prostitution, with some groups arguing that prostitution should be legalized for various reasons. The main argument is that there are no victims in the “crime” of prostitution。下一页 However, these people fail to realize that prostitution is not without harm. First of all, most sex workers are female and we should not take advantage of women. To objectify women, or even men and children, is devolution of the human rights movement. To allow sexual services be exchanged with money or goods is to allow the abusive demonstration of power of the client over the prostitute, because the act of prostitution violates the dignity as human beings of the sex workers. 下一页 Secondly, there are victims as a result of prostitution. Besides the prostitute, families can be ruined because of prostitution. Many people who get escort services are likely to form an addiction for prostitution and that can ruin families. It causes both emotional and financial distress to members of the household.下一页 Lastly, the nature of prostitution puts sex workers in grave dangers, and it will definitely hurt them mentally and physically. The nature of the line of work requires the sex worker to work in a private environment, with clients who are eager to use their bodies to satisfy their bodily needs. It is very natural for people who cannot control themselves to behave violently towards the sex workers. Being a prostitute also damages the self-esteem of one, and causes other long lasting mental problems as well.下一页 Some...
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