The Problems of British Society

Topics: Demography, Aging, Population Pages: 3 (1190 words) Published: January 18, 2014
There are many issues the British society is facing, it is not a perfect society. British society just like Chinese society,European society and American society have positive things but also some problems that need to solved. British society is not perfect, it means it has a lot of issues. We need to look at them in order to find out what problems are and also suggest some methods. This essay will discuss three important issues, firstly, we are going to discuss that waves of immigration brings tension and stress to UK. Then, it will states the social crisis from population aging. Finally, it will look at how the monarchy affects British society and presents some arguments for abolishment.

“Immigration is regarded by the public as the biggest problem facing British society, a major new survey taking stock of the state of the country reveals ”(Boffey, 2013). Many people think that conflict between settlers and persons born in Britain is the principal reason of division. Boffey (2013) makes the point that during the past twenty years, both immigration and emigration grew rapidly,the number of people going in Britain is more 100,000 than leaving Britain annually since 1998. According to modood & Sault (2013),“Large-scale population flows into and out of a nation have many social and economic implications”. Therefore, it gave rise to a set of implications at national and local levels, for example,the allocation of the welfare state, degrees of concentration on health and educational provision, unemployment or skill shortages. In this situation, the speed of control and number of immigrants is necessary, the immigrant restrictionism should be made correctly. There are some suggestions have been provided, such as immigrants must learn to speak English, the governments use BELTS to process immigration and student visa applications . Actually it is a test that checks out your proficiency in English language. Only those people who have sufficient ability to...
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