The Process of Healthcare Management

Topics: Strategic management, Management, Organization Pages: 9 (2055 words) Published: January 21, 2013
1.Management is:
c.Human Activity
e.All of the above
f.None of the above
2.Management consists of a set of activities:
Management activities consist of: Planning, Organizing, Leading, and Controlling 3.What is the difference between leadership and management? The primary difference between leadership and Management is the focus. Leadership’s focus is much more external and looking towards the future where Management’s focus is internal looking at day to day operations. 4.Provide some examples of Stakeholders:

Media / VendorsAdmin / Professionals
Government / Laws Mgt Focus Internal / Operations
5.Leaders are reported to possess different set of competencies than managers. What are these competencies? (1) More forward thinking (2) Set direction for the organization (3) Motivate employees & Stakeholders (4) Keep entity on course (5) Effective spokesperson (6) Determine strategies for future (7) Transform Organization 6.What is followership?

Complementary to leadership because for every leader you need a follower (the person you will be leading) 7.Leadership styles demonstrate behavior type. Which is not a leadership style?

c.Do nothing

8.What is Servant Leadership?
Servant leadership is the Method of leadership that has managers / leaders serve those who follow by empowering them to make decisions and providing them with all the resources necessary to meet the expectations that have been set. According to Robert Greenleaf a servant leader has a desire to “serve first” and the motivation to lead steams from a desire to serve in a greater capacity. 9.What is governance?

Collectively assuming strategic oversight
Top accountable body and each member has a fiduciary responsibility. Governance in an organization helps ensure ethical behavior among top managers and employees. 10.Which of the following is not part of the dynamic healthcare industry? a.Laws and Regulations

c.New technology
d.Culture of avoidance

11.In Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, what are the basic and highest levels of needs? According to Maslow’s hierarchy the most basic needs are physiological needs then they progress to “Safety”, “Belonging”. “Esteem”, and finally Self-Actualization needs

12.Staff need intrinsic and extrinsic rewards; please identify some of each and label type of reward. Intrinsic are Intangibles – some rewards could be Healthy relationships and Competence

Extrinsic are Tangibles – some rewards could be Money and/ or promotions. In the F&N department we give out gift cards to various stores

13.Which is not a Motivational strategy:
a.Tailor rewards
b.Create FUN [Focused, unpredictable, Novel approach]
c.Top grade staff
d.Expect the best

14.Organizational behavior draws upon many disciplines, some of which are: a. Psychology
b. Communications

15.Organization behavior occurs at three levels
a. Individual
b. Between Individuals
c.Within the organization

16.What is sensemaking?
A simple way to put it is the process in which an organization or company “Makes sense” of a situation

17.What is organizational communications and what types of barriers are present? Organizational communications is any exchange of information where someone sends and someone receives. Barriers are the thinking / behavior of both the sender and the receiver also the organizational setting. 18.What is the strategic planning process?

It is a formal process an organization can use to develop a strategy for a period. In the past this strategy or focus was usually for a 3 to 5 yr period, but currently do to changes in the health care industry a 2 yr period is becoming more common for strategic planning.

19.Market assessment includes a number of players. Name three: a. Innovation in technology
b. Regulatory environment
c. Competitive...
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