The Relevance of Religion to Society

Topics: Religion, Gautama Buddha, Buddhism Pages: 2 (735 words) Published: July 18, 2013
Throughout history, the impact of the Darwinian Theory has reimbursed the existence of all religions in major societies and has inevitably enforced relevance into the modern world. Religion is a set of beliefs imposed by the elders of society to implement the moral values necessary to preserve the society, which exploits a belief in the supernatural to administer “the rules.” In the modern day world, societies with religion are more likely to survive than those without religion because of the community, compassion, lack of anarchy or murder, family structures, etc. which are reinforced through the morality and beliefs religions entrust. In a primitive society, without modern day methods of transportation of communication, religions could not encounter each other’s beliefs as strongly as it occurs in present times. However, a means of religion was that it was necessary to build societies stable enough to bring about the technological advancements needed to bring these religious beliefs into conflict. Conversely, in the modern world, the deep set of beliefs in supernatural powers has deceivingly led people to cause more harm than good. This is because people are willing to fight and die to force their beliefs upon others in a time when science and technology have reached levels high enough to refute or make obsolete the claims of supernatural powers on which those beliefs are based. In Christianity, The Bible is used to help us succumb to the knowledge and understanding of God, however, we also need to continuously apply some of the normative and hermeneutics of the Bible in order to shed a better light on the understanding and evaluation of our modern culture. The literal application of every biblical text without contextualization or understanding is a pitfall we all need to avoid. Although, partaking in these acts is what considers our life in day-to-day modern society to be enriched and fulfilled in the love and care of our lord. This inevitably establishes...
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