The Runway

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The Runaway: Diary of a Street Kid
Book Report

Here’s a book that I completely admire the author for as it isn’t easy to recount some of the most horrible experiences you had to the world in the form of a book. This book is called The Runaway: Diary of a Street Kid and it’s an autobiography by Evelyn Lau which she wrote at the age of fourteen after she ran away from home and began living on the streets. It describes how she left her home for life on the streets in Vancouver and then her downward spiral into drugs and prostitution.

The book focuses on Evelyn, a fourteen year teenager of Chinese descent, living in Vancouver with her parents. She has a great passion for writing which is rejected by her mother; Evelyn sees her as a wretched, screaming woman who has destroyed her father’s sprit and imprisoned Evelyn to her bedroom to endless homework. This causes Evelyn to eventually hate her mother who thinks Evelyn is a worthless, useless, inadequate child who cannot satisfy her or anyone’s needs. On the other hand we see Evelyn as a passionate, caring, oppressed little child who has dream to satisfy her parents and become a writer. The sheltered upbringing surrounded by family displeasure in particular mothers obsessive nature with virtually no emotional support from father triggered the Evelyn rebellious behavior and she ran way from home. Evelyn describes herself at the starting of the book as “I was a shy and introspective child who was exceedingly sensitive to the tensions and the emotions around me” and this can be seen throughout the book.

Evelyn, a low self-esteem person attempts suicide the very first day after leaving home, she constantly faces internal challenges, indecisively and self-destructively experiments with drugs and sex. During the initial stage at home Evelyn’s was scared of her mother and used to consider her as monster and thought running away would make her life easy however never realised that’s its just the beginning there are...
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