The Three Marks of Existence

Topics: Buddhism, Gautama Buddha, Nirvana Pages: 3 (599 words) Published: September 17, 2014
Adrián Galán Gutiérrez
Teacher: Shibaru, Mira
Philosofy, CDL
5 / December / 2012
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The Three Marks of Existence
The Three Marks of existence is the point of view of the world for Buddhism or for many a path that help us understand and accept why there is suffering in the world and why nothing is permanent. To reach ultimate happiness or enlightenment we first must eliminate that false idea we have toward the world and understand the marks or characteristics of existence.

First to fully understand this marks we must comprehend the life of the Buddha and his preaching of how he awoke and opened his eyes towards life. Siddhartha Gautama or the Buddha according to historians was born in Kapilavastu a little town near the Himalayas around 560 B.C, he lived all his childhood isolated from the dark parts of life like sickness, aging, poverty etc. Basically he lived isolated from suffering in general. Being a royalty son he lived throughout all his childhood sheltered in a palace away from poor and sick people. he had every type of luxury you can imagine lovers, money, delicious meals, jewels, horses, etc. But he still was empty in the inside, something for him was missing. So one day by the age of thirty he decided to sneak out of the palace. then he discovered the reality of life and all the dark things that surrounds it. His ideology towards life changed in a drastically way seeing the reality of life he decided to dedicate his on a quest to find out the meaning of life and suffering, he awoke.

The Buddha tried to proved that nothing is permanent in this world by the The First mark of existence or “Anica”, that means impermament, as it name implies proves that everything in this world is impermanent and that every part of our lives and what surround us change, no exceptions. Nothing is permanent not a thing, feeling, experience. The Buddha divided this mark of existence in two parts or levels. The gross level of change, that means...
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