The Trojan War

Topics: Trojan War, Homer, Iliad Pages: 2 (823 words) Published: December 13, 2011
Approximately thirty centuries ago, on a distant land known as Troy, a colossal war raged between Grecians and Trojans on behalf of three discrete reasons. As a result of this war, many lives were lost but the relentless Grecians eventually triumphed after ten tumultuous years. This grave war was fought because of the capture of Helen, the most beautiful and benevolent woman in all of Greece. It is said that the apprehension of Helen was a result of the tragic curse on the House of Atreuis. However, others believe the Trojan War occurred on account of Heracles mercy. Some still think the second collapse of Troy happened because of Paris’s gluttonous ruling. There could be an ample amount of reasons that can determine why exactly the Trojan War started, but the three primary reasons were, the First of all Troy, the Judgement of Paris, and the solemn curse on the House of Atreuis.

As the common idea of most societies even today, this is the world of men. Women are born in order to serve for their men. It was not much different in the times of ancient Greece. Women didn’t have any right to vote, serve on juries or own property. Women in ancient Greece couldn’t manage even their own property because they didn’t have right to spend money for the expenses of their household. They always forced to have a guardian beyond themselves. The guardian of a woman before marriage was his father, and after the marriage, her husband took over her father’s job. If she was a widow, a male relative or her son took over this job. Thus in fact, women’s citizenship in Ancient Greek was under mystery. So, what are the main roles of women in Ancient Greek?

The Trojan War was the greatest conflict in the Greek mythology, a war that was to influences people in literature and arts for centuries

The war was fought between the Greeks and Trojans with their allies, upon a Phrygian city of Troy (Ilium), on Asia Minor (modern Turkey). The war lasted for ten years and it has been...
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