The truth about pitbulls

Topics: Pit Bull, Dog breed, Dog Pages: 4 (1507 words) Published: November 24, 2013

The Truth about Pitbulls
Ryan K. Smith
University of Phoenix

The Pit Bull breed of dog has a very bad reputation. This is because Pit Bulls are used as fighting dogs for some people’s amusement. Little do people know Pit Bulls are very good family dogs, and often called “The Nanny Dog”. I personally own three Pit Bulls, and have interviewed someone who does not own a pit bull. I have found a lot of information about this breed of dogs and everything points to one question. Although some individuals perceive pit bull dogs to have a bad reputation, many have found these animals to be wonderful house pets when treated with kindness and love.

The stereotype of a pit bull is not good at all, but why does this stop people from owning them? I asked a non pitbull owner why she will not own a pitbull. “I personally got bit by a pit bull, so I have seen what they are capable of and this scares me. These dogs have a very powerful jaw and it makes being bit worse. I’m just personally scared of this breed of dog. Being scared of this breed of dog because of being bit by one, makes me weary of going to other people’s homes that own this breed because I’m scared of being bit again.” (Cassie Bailey’s personal interview). I also interviewed a pitbull owner as well. “By owning the pit bull breed for most of my life I have never had a problem out of any of the dogs I have had. The pit bull breed has a bad name, but my dogs have never bit or attacked anyone. My dogs are very loyal and very loving, more of a lap dog than anything. These dogs are very misunderstood and I feel people should do more research on the breed and not just believe that they are all bad because of what people have turned them into with fighting them. With having a one year old daughter it makes it nice to own a dog that is very protective over her. They dogs won’t let anyone hurt my daughter and I love that. They are great family dogs.” (Personal interview...

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