The Youth Needs Guidance from the Youth of the Past

Topics: Death, Old age, Ageism Pages: 2 (735 words) Published: June 11, 2013

This maybe tagged as another “The Tyranny of False Values” concept from another rebellious youth from the outskirts of the world where the youth is misunderstood. Yes, this may seem like it, but this was true and continues to be true until our times.

Jose Rizal had exclaimed that the task of cultivating the motherland is burdened upon the youth ( This thought still rings true to these days. We, the youth, which by legal definition comprises those who are 15 to 30 years old, comprises almost one-third of the country’s population. We will inherit the land and all its goodness and badness. We will soon handle the world differently or the same as how the elders of today make it run or revolve. But the bigger thought is on the idea of “cultivating!” defined cultivate as to promote or improve the growth by labor and attention ( We are left with only one option: to improve the fatherland. Now that’s a big task. Even big is underestimation; the word gargantuan is even short-off to describe it. So the old, who were the youth of the past, passes the responsibility to the youth of today.

Putting that humungous responsibility on our shoulders as the youth, the old must learn to carry on a lot of confidence on us. This confidence will lead them to trust us in our own decisions and endeavors. However, what has been observed is quite the contrary. Our old seems to have perfected their craft and our craft is always a crap. They never learned how to confidently trust us on doing our own things. They never asked us on how we see the world because their confidence resides only on their narcissistic view of their capabilities. We are never meeting their standards, and we will never be their equal. To them, we can never achieve anything if we do not do things their way. If only these judgmental...
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