theory of organizational behavior

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Over 4,600 articles have examined the topic of organizational culture since 1980. (Chad A. Hratnell, Amy Yi Qu, and Angelo Kinicki, 2011(667). The impetus behind much of this research is the belief that organizational culture is an important social characteristic that influences organizational, group, and individual behavior. Organizational culture is used to guide employees toward desirable behaviors as well as to develop high performers (Sherwood 1988; O’Reilly 1989(498)). Moreover all of new groups created will be influenced by organizational culture. Last, organizational culture may help the organization adapt to the changing market conditions (Daft 2007(498)). The purpose of this paper is to investigate the impact of organizational culture on three aspects of organizational behaviors of individuals, groups and organization.

What is organizational culture?
Organizational culture is the set of shared values, beliefs, and norms that influence the way employees think, feel, and behave toward each other and toward people outside the organization (Jennifer M.George; Gareth R.Jones 2012). In other words, when people and groups are trying to address opportunities and problems facing the organizations, they will strongly follow the cultures and values. And in generally the first task of new employees is to learn these beliefs and values in order to their job behaviors are same as existing employees. The values are general criteria, standards, or guiding principles people use to determine which types of behaviors, events, situations, and outcomes are desirable or undesirable, the values can be divided into two kinds of values: terminal and instrumental (Jennifer M.George; Gareth R.Jones 2012). Employees are motivated by ability of organizational cultures, which transmitted by formal socialization practices, organizational rites and ceremonies, symbols and stories, and informal organizational language to its members. And characteristics of...
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