Theravada Buddhism

Topics: Gautama Buddha, Theravada, Four Noble Truths Pages: 2 (617 words) Published: December 7, 2012
Controlling Mind and Body
Our world is full of hustle and bustle, everyone is on a time schedule or on the clock, stress is an enormous factor in everyday life, and much of life seems to be a competition with peers. This modern idea of life seems very unappetizing due to the stress that society has brought onto itself. Hardly anyone can endure this amount of stress for long periods of time without repercussions, so it’s very healthy for one to spend time to collect his thoughts, relax, center down, and get one’s mind away from life’s everyday tensions. Meditation is a very productive and effective way to achieve stress relief, motivation, and to think about who you really are, and where you want your life to be headed. Buddhism is such a broad religion like Christianity, but one sect of Buddhism is Theravada Buddhism which has a very useful and reasonable method of meditation. The tradition of Theravada Buddhism meditation is mainly focused on mindfulness, and is a great path to take when one is trying to get back in touch with oneself. Theravada can help anyone balance their mind and body. Mindfulness is one of the key ingredients of Theravada meditation. Mindfulness is the seventh factor in the noble eight fold path, and the noble eight fold path is the fourth of the four noble truths. All of which are key components of the Buddhism religion. In Theravada Buddhism there are four placements of mindfulness which are mindfulness placed on the body, mindfulness placed on the mind, mindfulness placed on the nature of things, and mindfulness placed on feelings. Mindfulness of the body is mainly about the way you breathe, and if you can control breathing then you are able to control your body. Mindfulness of the mind allows a person to control the mind in a way to rid it of rambling and unnecessary thoughts, pain, guilt and regret, the ideas of possession. Controlling the mind allows one to concentrate on the important things of life and ultimate goals without...
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