Traffic Rules Implementation

Topics: Traffic, Road, Traffic light Pages: 4 (1089 words) Published: February 6, 2013
Traffic consists of pedestrians, street cars, ridden animals, bicycles and other motor vehicles. The enhancement of technology and the start of urbanization have transformed the standard living of individuals in travelling and moving goods and commodities from one place to another. These changes brought difficulty and problem of travelling due to the unavoidable traffic congestions especially at rush hours. However, traffic problems are part of daily life of motorists these days. Typical events which disrupt the flow of traffic into a disorganized mess such as road construction, collisions and debris in the roadway are the cause of road user’s frustrations. Traffic law enforcement remains one of Philippines biggest problem in this day and age. Traffic rules and regulations are very important to enable the safety and convenience of individual and to prevent damages and casualties among individuals. Road users usually experienced poor implementation of traffic rules and regulations by traffic enforcers who maybe lack of knowledge about traffic management. The hard work of city officials and public agencies concerned with traffic management provides the abrupt answer to motorists who suffer from different kinds of traffic related inconveniences. Corrupt and unknowledgeable traffic enforcers are not the only root cause of traffic congestions but also those disobedient drivers, pedestrians and other who use public roads. Vehicles often come into conflict with other vehicles and pedestrians because their intended courses of travel intersect, and thus interfere with each other's routes. Signs, signals, markings and other features are often used to make priority precise. Some signs, such as the stop sign, are nearly universal. When there are no signs or markings, different rules are observed depending on the location. These default priority rules differ between countries, and may even vary within countries. Trends toward uniformity are exemplified at...
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