Trafficking of Women

Topics: Human trafficking, Human rights, Prostitution Pages: 13 (3908 words) Published: April 28, 2013

“Heal the World,

Make It A Better Place

For You and For Me

And The Entire Human Race

There Are People Dying, If You Care Enough

For The Living, Make a Better Place

For You and For Me”---MICHAEL JACKSON

In India, a woman is traditionally regarded as an honourable and dignified personality. She is respected as goddess. It is well known to all of us that woman is subject of authors and poets and object for artists and sculptors. Undoubtedly she is the symbol of beauty and an embodiment of affection and love. This all is true but this is also true that the word “woman “also stood for a decorative piece, in the household of man in the male dominant society. In this ever-changing atmosphere the status of woman remains the fluctuating one. When we study the Constitution we find that while its creation, our Constitution makers have inducted specific provisions for improvement of status of women. Despite of all this, social conditions, economic imbalance, are very important factors which tend to create social problems by which women are made to suffer and even today are subject to exploitation.

According to a recent study released by the United Nations Fund for Population, Female migrants constitute now nearly half of all migrants worldwide with an overwhelming majority migrating to developed countries. Mix of political and socio-economic factors is fuelling female migration .At the age of the globalized poverty, lack of chance, illiteracy and marginalization that affect women in specific way, migration is considered by some women as the unique solution to reach the welfare. Globalization via its tools is exercising a negative impact particularly on women who are not well educated or are illiterate and marginalized.

The supreme Law of Land: “Constitution in its preamble enshrines that the Policy framers have to take measures so that position of women may be secured, In light of this, the Fundamental Rights in the cons enshrined in the Constitution of India also takes care of the special position of women. Article 23 provides right to women against exploitation and prohibits traffic in human beings and forced labour.” 1.”Social anthropologists are of the view that trafficking has always been present in society in the one form or the other.” 2.’Trafficking is internationally organized criminal phenomenon clearly indicating human rights abuse and it is undoubtedly the worst form of exploitation. So, what we have to think for is the ever increasing commercialization of trafficking, forms and facets which it had acquired in the present scenario. Trafficking is an ambiguous phenomenon. So, by analyzing the concept of globalization and its effect on trafficking of women in India, by analysing causes, evil consequences, legal provisions for combating trafficking and legal pronouncements from all available sources of the patterns and practices of trafficking and exploitation of women in Indian Region on the globe, we can get a good deal regarding the adequacy of legal provisions relating to trafficking in India and the globe. We also can know that whether the globalization is a ban or a boon in the present society.


This paper presents an analytical study on effect of globalisation on trafficking in women in India, the trend of trafficking is on the rise, but the existing knowledge is inadequate for a full understanding of the phenomenon at this regional level and it is recognized here that within those who are marginalized by globalization, it is the women who are most often in the weakest position. The paper is based on secondary data and analysis of existing literature on trafficking in India.

Research Objective:
1. To analyze the concept of globalization and its effect on trafficking of women in India.  
2. To find whether the process of globalization is a ban or a boon towards the trafficking process.

3.To analyze causes, evil...
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