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Name of the city: Hong Kong
Introduction: Ranked as the 5th most important city around the world, Hong Kong locates in the southern coast of China. Booming economy, marvelous subtropical landscape along with multi-national delicacies draw people from all over the world come to this attractive city. Hong Kong Island was established and governed as colony by the British government from 1942-1997, and it was handed over to China in July 1st 1997. Under the policy of “One country, two systems”, some British political systems and laws are retained until now. Historic relics also can be found everywhere in Hong Kong with beautiful British style.

The population, currency and language in Hong Kong: Hong Kong is one of the two special Administrative cities in China. Many people move to Hong Kong every year in order to study, work or live. At the end of 2012, the population of Hong Kong reached 7,173,900. Today it is computed to be 7,235,043. The Hong Kong dollar is the currency in Hong Kong, the code is HKD. It is the 9th most traded

currency in the world. 1 USD equals 7.76HKD.
The Language with the highest popularity in Hong Kong is Cantonese with 89.5% population speaking it. At the same time, Mandarin is their second official language, so people from north of the mainland will not be bothered by language barriers. Also, English as another official language is widely used in writing and speaking, providing great convenience to people around the world.

Three attractions in Hong Kong: Among all the attractions in Hong Kong, we pick up three that win the highest popularity to give introductions to you. Ocean Park Hong Kong
Located on the south end of Hong Kong Island, it is one of the top theme parks and aquariums in Southeast Asia, and also the best marine education center, so families which have children all would like to visit. With an area of 170 acres, it's one of the largest ocean parks in the world. The transportation also distributes widely....
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