Understanding communication

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Understanding Communication

In partial fulfilment
of the requirements in B.A Psychology

1. Firstly, describe an ineffective communication interaction you have had that led to some kind of misunderstanding and/or disagreement. Briefly explain who was involved, where it happened and your perspective on the cause for the disagreement. (150 words)

My experience with miscommunication took place between a friend and myself one night after having been out for dinner. My friend and I walked to the car and waited for our other two friends who had been out with us that evening to catch up to us at the car. They ended up walking to our other friend’s car across the road and the one came over and said they will be driving home with them due to them living close to one another. Later I received a phone call from the one friend saying that we had just left them there with no lift. I believe that the cause for the disagreement was that it was a case of misunderstanding between the two of them perhaps fuelled by the influence of alcohol, which in turn caused for us to receive the misunderstood and misinterpreted message causing for us to believe it was okay to leave.

Select two key points/issues from chapter 1 of the Gamble & Gamble reading that you believe will impact the way that you approach and/or think about communication interactions in the future. And, why? (300 words)

The fact that “communication is unrepeatable and irreversible” – (Gamble & Gamble: 2002: CH 1:13) really makes you realise that when communicating with someone you should really think it through thoroughly. To take note of how you saying it, what you saying, what your body language is saying and how the person may be interpret what it is that you are saying. What I believe is meant by the above mentioned quote is that we may mislead people with our intentions through our words and not even realise...

Bibliography: Teri Kwal Gamble, Michael Gamble. Communication: The starting Line
McGraw-Hill, 11th edition, 2002
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