Vulnerable Populations in Current Events

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Vulnerable Populations in Current Events

Lucianna Cianciulli
University of Phoenix

Vulnerable Populations in Current Events
Smiith, Tingle, and Twiss (2010) estimate in the year 2030, 20% of all Americans will be elderly adults. This is a vulnerable population that will have barriers including transportation, mobility, financial, and medical. As this vulnerable population continues to age, they often find it difficult to ask for help, which further increases the barriers they must overcome. Defining a Vulnerable Population

A vulnerable population is any group that has been identified by an epidemiologic or other study that classifies them at a higher risk than the general population from a specific or broad condition (Oxford Reference Online, 2011). The elderly population is considered a vulnerable population because they must face not only self-image disturbances related to an aging body, but also problems with mental and spiritual well –being as well. Barriers older adults must face are generated by these issues. Barriers of a Vulnerable Population

According to Smith, (2010), is important for community and local governments to the aging population and provide age-friendly services (p. 15). As the population continues to grow, change, and age, there are numerous barriers the elderly face. Financially, the elderly population is mostly surviving on a fixed or limited income making it difficult at times to afford prescriptions, doctor visits, and other healthcare related expenses. All of these issues place them in a state of vulnerability.

Impaired or limited mobility creates yet another barrier especially for the elderly related to the side effects of an aging body. Consequently, they are more prone and apt to have injuries from falls leading to other serious debilitating healthcare issues. Many of the elderly population do not have the ability to drive safely or access to a vehicle due to their compromised health issues related to...

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