Was Alexander Really Great?

Topics: Alexander the Great, Ancient Greece, Military Pages: 2 (539 words) Published: April 23, 2013
Greatness is an umbrella term that can hold several different meanings and interpretations. In the case of Alexander the Great, it has a very specific meaning that reflects upon the achievements and success of his life time, despite the many character flaws and failings he undoubtedly possessed. Alexander the Great definitely deserves this appellation for three main reasons. Firstly, he conquered an incredibly vast area for his young age and lack of experience; secondly he left his mark on society which has lasted till contemporary day; and thirdly he completely revolutionized military techniques and styles. Firstly, Alexander the Great fought in horrific battles that rewarded him with a huge amount of land, resources and prosperity. He engaged in conflicts including the Battle of Granicus, Battle of Isus and the Battle of Tyre, leading him to conquer nations now known as Turkey,Israel, Lebanon, Syria, and a large portion of India. His ambition certainly paid off, and as Arrian, an historian living at the time of Alexander wrote, ”…He would always have searched beyond for something unknown, and if there had been no other competition, he would have competed against himself.” This source is quite reliable, as it reinforces other accounts of his attitude correctly, however Arrian basically recorded all the conquests of Alexander the Great, so it may be influenced or recorded with a certain bias that Alexander himself imposed. Secondly, Alexander the Great helped to establish Greek society and spread it over the world. He single handedly created a culture that has maintained itself till this very day. It truly is a great feat to form a society, including language, etiquette, customs and traditions that will last thousands and thousands of years. Historian Professor Paul Cartledge stated in his manuscript Hunting for a New Past “the great leader's achievements - both in his lifetime and posthumously are simply staggering, as they have lasted the generations to still...
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