Watching a Movie or Reading a Book

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May 7, 2013
Watching a movie or reading a book
People become curious when they are hearing the phrase “once upon a time”. How do people get to know stories they desire? By watching and reading. Therefore, the same story can be told via a movie or a book but the processes and results are various. Watching a movie is an enjoyable way to gain direct perception of a story. Viewing films is more entertaining as a visual and auditory feast. For the entire story, people have less space to imagine but to be given the whole picture all at once. Those characters are performed by real actors making the story vivid and easy to understand. As for the timing, a movie is usually lasting less than three hours. Once a film begins, it is hard to stop in the middle of it. Besides seeing a film, the same story can be presented through perusing printed pages. Books are much more stimulating intellectually than films. All the scenes are created by the readers without any disturbing judgments of the filmmakers. Unlike movies, books require readers’ thinking and analysis as the story goes along rather than just accept the entire one. Readers recreate the screens, characters and plots of life on their own under the guidance of the author who provides more details through his description. Compared to films, the timing for reading books is highly flexible. People can pick up a book wherever and whenever they want from anywhere they stop previously. Moreover the same part can be read over and over again for more meaningful afterthoughts. Even though both media have their own charms on telling stories, they offer audience enjoyable experience, specific knowledge and consonance with audiences. Therefore, no matter whether a story is visually presented or finely printed, people had better concentrate on the meaning and the plots rather than the media. Only in this way, can people truly enrich their horizons and upgrade their intellectual ability.
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