Week Three Reflection

Topics: Organizational studies, Management, The Culture Pages: 1 (325 words) Published: May 7, 2013
Week Three Reflection
Week three objectives focused on the strategies to help develop effective groups and teams as well as methods to resolve conflicts within organizations. Organizational culture is the workplace environment formulated from the interaction of the employees in the workplace. Organizational culture is defined by all of the life experiences, strengths, weaknesses, education, upbringing, and so forth of the employees. While executive leaders play a large role in defining organizational culture by thei actions and leadership, all employees contribute to the organizational culture (Ravasi and Schultz (2006) state that ” organizational culture is a set of shared mental assumptions that guide interpretation and action in organizations by defining appropriate behavior for various situations.” At the same time although a company may have "own unique culture", in larger organizations, there is a diverse and sometimes conflicting cultures that co-exist due to different characteristics of the management team. The organizational culture may also have negative and positive aspects. Through the understanding of these responsibilities, business owners can effectively incorporate an understanding of their entire business. The owner side of the business needs to always be involved with the employee’s experience to sustain control over the culture and prevent and solve conflict. In reflection it is easy to recognize the mistakes made in the past in approaching conflicts. Last week’s class provided new insight on how to handle all conflicts through different strategy plans in the future. Knowledge of these strategies truly is power makes a big difference when handling conflicts. In summary the strategies involved identify the when, what, and how of a conflict and shed light on how they can have a large impact on the individual worker is why it is important to understand and choose an appropriate strategy. Mistakes will always be made although through their...
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