Western World Comparison

Topics: Sculpture, Ancient Greece, Egypt Pages: 4 (1299 words) Published: April 7, 2014
Westen world 1 Male Statuette Statue of a Kouros (youth) Accession Number: 26.7.1410 Accession Number: 32.11.1

This essay will analyze the differences and similarities between two sculptures that are from different cultures, and time periods, namely the Greek statue of a Kouros (youth), dated to ca. 590 – 580 B.C. The Egyptian Male statuette was made between the 12th and 18th dynasties, roughly 1981–1550 B.C. There are many differences between these two cultures.

These two sculptures were chosen because they relate to one another, being that they are both male sculptures, but they are different in cultures and points in time. Both figures analyzed are of young males. The Greek sculpture has young male features and Kouros in Greek means “youth” or “young man” but this was not necessarily the title of the sculpture, this is a modern designation for this type of statue. The anatomy of both figures makes the gender clear. The statue of a Kouros also depicts a young body, with a small waist and chest size. The Kouros was sculptured with a body defined by relief carvings of the pelvis, abdominal, and arm areas, creating stylistic features. The Kouros did not represent any one individual youth but the idea of youth. The Statuette Male has barely any relief, showing no muscle or features of the body that would appear to make him look masculine and older. In the Statuette Male sculpture the head seems larger than the body itself. Egyptians tended to do this with most of their work. They followed many rules and strict laws that were given by all their pharaohs. Greek art was much more free when compared to the art of the Egyptians.

Egyptian art developed long before Greek civilization arose and was introduced to it. Being that the male statuette was done in an earlier time, the medium...
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