What Does America Mean

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What does American mean?
Diana Casillas
May 21, 2013
Nora H. Barber

I. What does American mean?
A. Qualities of an American
1. Randall Jarrell/ Thinking of the Lost World
2. Adrienne Rich/ Transcendental Etude
II. Conclusion
III. References

What does American mean?
When someone is called an American, it does not mean they were born in the American country. The nationality of an individual should be seen in their personality, experiences, way of speaking, and in their beliefs, rather than in their place of birth. Cultural, social, and traditional values are among the qualities that give a person their nationality and American authors most often reflect their nationality in their writing style. An American must be authentically American at heart, mind, and soul. An American author not only writes about events, issues, culture, or traditions from this country, but they also identify with them. The author Randall Jarrell, spent a large part of his life writing about a variety of topics. A few of the topics he wrote about were the treatment of soldiers, children’s books, and fairy tales. In his poem, Thinking of the Lost World, he talks about California, Arizona, Daytona, as well as dinosaurs and Santa Claus; he describes life in Los Angeles “Back in Los Angeles, we missed Los Angeles. The sunshine of the Land Of Sunshine is a gray mist now, the atmosphere Of some factory planet: when you stand and look You see a block or two and your eyes water” (Franklin, Gura, & Klinkowitz, p. 2427). Jarrell describes Los Angeles as he has experienced it during the years he lived with his grandmother. At the end of the poem, Jarrell writes, My soul has memorized world after world (Franklin, Gura, & Klinkowitz, p. 2429), in which he is expressing that he has experienced more than just life living in Los Angeles. Adrienne Rich was another American author that wrote about the true lives of American women expressing the...

References: 1. Franklin, W., Gura, P. F., & Klinkowitz, J. (1993). Norton Anthology of American Literature (7th ed.). New York City, New York: W.W. Norton & Company, Inc..
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