What Technology Has Made America Today

Topics: Ageing, Gerontology, Old age Pages: 3 (1149 words) Published: November 14, 2012
Technology has been a very big contribution to this generation. Like everything in this world, things age as well as evolve and change. One aspect that has begun to change is where and how we use technology. Three major examples are in the work place, how we monitor our elderly parents or siblings, and how it improved our medicine. While these three topics may seem very different, after reading two articles from the New York Times and one from The New Yorker, “Technologies Help Adult Children Monitor Aging Parents” and “The Year of the Multitaskers’ Revenge," from the TImes and "The Way We Age Now" from The New Yorker, you can see they are also alike in many ways.

One similarity these three pieces of writing share is that life can be much easier with the use of technology as you age. At the work place, technology can help one stay on top of tasks he or she has to complete before the day is done with reminders on a smart phone or their work computer. Also, when it comes to monitoring aging parents, a reminder on any type of technology device they are able to use can help one remember to take their pills or blood pressure for example. And finally technology has improved medicine which has lead to people living longer and reaching higher ages before death.

Another similarity these three articles also have in terms of technology is people may not want to be watched or monitored. Whether it be in the work place or at home no one wants to feel they are not independent and being observed at all times. At work one can be monitored by cameras and by supervisors checking their computer history. According to the article “Technologies Help Adult Children Monitor Aging Parents,” a child adult can be updated on almost everything their parent does including opening doors and cabinets, taking out pills and medication, and even what time they got out of bed. In America this may not sit well with a lot of people and can very well cause a person to choose not to work a this...
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