What the Greeks Have Contributed to Current Day Society

Topics: Greece, Ancient Greece, Alexander the Great Pages: 4 (1825 words) Published: December 5, 2012
The book Sailing the Wine-Dark Sea: Why the Greeks Matter by Thomas Cahill centered on the ancient Greek culture. The time of the Ancient Greeks was so long ago that most people think they have no reason to learn about them. Most people tend to not enjoy history, and to them the Greeks are only another history lesson to sit through. Those that retain any sort of knowledge about these peoples from their high school history lessons remember the mythology. Today gods like Zeus and Athena are common knowledge, but very few can say anything else about the Greek culture. A problem in modern day society is that people just don’t care anymore. History can affect us even today, and so many people just don’t see it. If we could open our eyes to all of the things that have been given to us thanks to the past, people would be able to appreciate them a bit more. Taking things for granted tends to be a common problem in not only America, but in almost all developed countries. The Ancient Greeks played a large part in history all over the world. They invented at least forty unique tools to advance their society, most of which we use today. The Greeks played a large role in early transportation. Anaximander created maps with latitude and longitude lines around 600-500 B.C. Previously, the only maps in existence were small, inaccurate sketches made by sailors. With the creation of latitude and longitude lines, maps were now given a standard accuracy. Later on, two other Greeks were able to take Anaximander’s broken maps and create a full map of the world, or what was known of the world at that time (Baird). The latitude and longitude system is still used today. People use it every day on their GPS’ without even knowing. If we didn’t have it, travel would be almost impossible, or at least very inconvenient. Even before maps, the Greeks created streets around 400 B.C. The first street was the main street of Elea, a Greek territory in modern day Italy. It was paved with limestone...

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