Where Would You Rather Live?

Topics: North Korea, Kim Jong-il, Mastication Pages: 1 (442 words) Published: November 26, 2013
I picked to live in Singapore and not North Korea because I think Singapore is a better country then North Korea. Another reason I chose Singapore and not North Korea is because Singapore’s ranking is 18. Another reason I would live in Singapore is because they are richer then North Korea. Singapore is also much disciplined and I will give some examples of their law: 1.It is the law and a public caning offense to not flush the toilet after using it. 2. You Litter You Pay-Big Time. A litter law dating from 1968 is the country’s way of keeping clean. Disregard the law, drop trash on the ground in this Southeast Asian city, and you’ll pay $1,000. On top of that you’ll also be forced to do community forced labor. And if you do it three times, you’ll have to wear an “I am a litter lout” sign. Along the same lines, it looks like Singapore has a law saying that relieving yourself in an elevator is particularly forbidden. 3. Chewing gum sales forbidden. Apparently Singapore prohibited the sale of gum after authorities have noticed a big amount of chewed gum being stuck in subway stations and on cars. As weird as it may sound, Singapore allows you to actually chew gum. Just make sure you stick it at the trash can, otherwise great fines apply. 4. Crooks go to jail. Of course they do, its common sense, but here’s something weird to think of. Apparently, if you’re introducing a stranger as your good friend, speak well of him and it proves to be false, you’ll be convicted for abetment. Watch out who you endorse as you can’t fool these guys! I would also like to live in Singapore because they let all the races live in their country but they live in their own little parts, for example Indians live in one part, Malaysians live in another part and Asians live in another spot. 2 advantages for living in Singapore are that it’s safe, crime free environment and best airline in the world. An advantage to live in North Korea is that their good at...
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