Why prostitution is still illegal?

Topics: Prostitution, Minimum wage, Human trafficking Pages: 2 (563 words) Published: January 15, 2014
Why prostitution is still illegal

Prostitution...Worlds oldest profession, even bible mentions that. Why is it so old but still illegal?? I mean its nothing wrong to pay for pleasure. If an ancient Jew wanted to relax after long day of selling things he could have just run to Mrs. Wiggles next door and waste half of his daily income on some relaxation, lets just say. On the other hand, it may be unfair with Mrs. Jew, who was waiting all day for the husband to come. But hey, it was legal, just a question of ethics.

Of course there is always a place for ethics.... It may seem to be a little inappropriate to buy women just as a lemon or a bag of salt you get in a supermarket. They are not things, they're human beings who either haven't achieved anything in their lives or just didn't give a damn about education when they were younger and later on, they realized that still have to live on their own, no ideas where to get money, doesn't want to work on daily basis in some laundry shop and get a minimum wage, that’s when prostitution comes in. Where else you going to get 200 dollars an hour and still receive some pleasure, there are far worse jobs with lower wages.

All this prostitution concept is very similar to me with our very normal and traditional approach of family: woman stays at home, takes care of children, makes some food, is a partner in bed, while husband works all day, brings cash back home and gets laid. And by that, I mean why is it ok to be a house wife and stay at home all day and wait for husband to come back and bring a bag of money, and not appropriate to find a “husband” for a night, satisfy primal needs, gets some money etc.

And with legalizing this profession we could raise our budget by also reducing threats of STDs as all employees would have to have a license to operate only under healthy condition. Undoubtedly, there would be the ones without any documents and with lower fees, but its like going to surgeon and seeing all his...
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