Why Prostitution Should be Illegal

Topics: Prostitution, Human trafficking, Law Pages: 4 (831 words) Published: June 17, 2014
English 101
Professor Gouirand
Paper 4 Draft #1

For many years prostitution has been a very looked down upon way of making money and having as a lifestyle for various reasons in the United States. Not only does this promote sex trafficking in the United States and even other countries, but it also promotes child prostitution. With the United States are thinking prostitution is an okay way to go, what’s stopping us from continuing on this cycle of legalizing things that shouldn’t be? First of all, legalization of prostitution in the United States does not decrease per say, but also does not enhance women’s choice. Gender plays a huge role in careers and other optional activities. Already in the way the United States works is mostly male dominated, which gives women not as good chances getting other jobs, promotions, getting a bigger say in voting, etc. Usually when women decide to become prostitutes It was not a sudden choice, they did not sit down and think of what they wanted to do. It’s usually their last option. They did not have money to fee themselves and their families so you could consider this as some sort of survival strategy if you wanted. Usually prostitutes are prostitutes because they couldn’t start working in any other field like sales, medicine, banking etc. Legalization of prostitution is also another big problem. If women were to be able to legally become prostitutes in the United States through the law, it would increase health risks for them. First of all the one thing that destroys peoples lives through the biological act of sex is HIV. If women were to have prostitution organizations and were to be distributed in an orderly fashion, and tested for HIV daily, there’ still no way to be protected from HIV since the customers, then men aren’t tested and aren’t always clean and safe to have sex with. Male buyers have been known to be the ones that usually carry the disease...
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