Why Women Get Involved in Prostitution

Topics: Prostitution, Child sex tourism, Prostitution of children Pages: 6 (2031 words) Published: September 29, 2008
Prostitution has been going on for many centuries. Many studies have gone on, researching and trying to understand on why women get involved with prostitution and the main effects it has on then. Some report the main causes of early prostitution was due to poverty and deviance. Many see it as a career, a way to make a living and survive and provide for their families. “Studies show that many women engage themselves in such activities as prostitution by their own choice, forced into it, or because of their own mental health state.”(Chudakov 305) The start of prostitution started centuries. In the beginning many women were obligated to have sex with men. Along with citizens from other countries being forced onto cluttered boats to come to the United States as slaves, women were forced and used as sexual objects. Over time, women started getting paid for their sexual favors, many recent studies prove mainly that poverty drove women into prostitution. Women from all ages engaged in sexual acts, as a way to get by. Prostitution occurs all over the world, in the United States it is not something you would think about on a daily basis, other countries it occurs everywhere and is recognized. In certain countries “high unemployment has led many women, especially women from the rural sector, to enter into a life of prostitution.”(mtholyoke.edu). This problem has been widespread in many countries all over the world. “The everyday living situations of poor and unemployed women have led them into this life in order to provide for themselves and their children.”(mtholyoke.edu) It might not be the easy way out for women to use their bodies as sex objects, but it could be the only answer to their problems. Much of prostitution took place in the early centuries, prostitution is not a serious topics discussed in this decade because areas of poverty have decreased a great amount. Poverty is the main cause of why women get involved in prostitution. “Other studies have also tried to prove theories by gathering evidence on economic and social factors.” (fsweb.berry.edu) Many other countries have a higher rate of prostitution due to poverty levels, one of the major reasons why women give there bodies to sexual acts for money is because they feel as though they have no other way out. Women who come from low income and poverty risen neighborhoods, want a fast easy way to make money or it could be the only way they have in order to obtain an income. Prostitution can lead to rape, becoming a prostitute not only shows that you do not care about your body, but it is also putting yourself at a high risk. “As adults in prostitution, 82% had been physically assaulted; 83% had been threatened with a weapon; 68% had been raped while working as prostitutes; and 84% reported current or past homelessness.”(Farley) These percentages might be even higher due to people who do not report these incidents due to being ashamed. These women involve themselves in it, many come from abusive homes, and they see it as a way of punishing themselves. Besides adult prostitution there is teenage prostitution, many teenagers who are involved in these acts are runaways and “conversely most teens who leave home for good end up on the streets and turn to prostitution to survive”(Flowers, 89) “Many runaways who turn to prostitution often left home due to a troubled existence such as school problems, learning difficulties, fighting, social isolation, parental substance abuse and related problems. Many have been witnessed or victims to physical and emotional abuse, neglect, or domestic violence.” (Flowers, 89) Some studies try and prove some prostitutes have a background of sexual child abuse. Child abuse leads children to running away, as reported when children runaway or leave home, they eventually involve themselves into prostitution and selling themselves as sex objects. Others, who run away from home, can be kidnapped and are forced into prostitution. They are forced...

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