World Civilization Chapter 4 Summary

Topics: Iran, Ancient Greece, Sparta Pages: 2 (728 words) Published: April 2, 2013
John Gemmer
Professor Solomon
English 10100
6 March 2012
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World Civilization Chapter 4 Summary
Iran is a land located in Central Asia which is surrounded by the Zagros mountains, Caspian Sea and Caucasus Mountains. The geography of Iran features deserts, mountains, streams, and plateaus. The people of Iran relied on irrigation in order to gain resources and move further down the land. Iran also featured a number of resources such as copper, tin, gold, and silver which served as goods for trade.

Iranian groups rose in Central Asia such as the Medes group which settled in the Northeast. The Medes people were prominent in toppling the Assyrian empire in the late seventeenth century B.C.E., and extended their power and influence to Persia and Turkey. The inhabitants of Iran a patriarchal society where men had much more influence in society and more rights in compariosn to women. Iranian society was divided in was divided into the three social classes known as warriors, priests, and peasants. The prominent ruler, Cyrus was well known for redrawing the map of western Asia, by toppling, Mesopotamia and massively strengthened the power and might of the army with his fierce and pragmatic military tactics. Cyrus’ son Cambyses, continued his father’s legacy by fighting against the Egyptians, in Nubia and Lybia.

The next heir to the throne was Darius I who helped to build the largest known empire in the world. He divide his empire into twenty provinces which was ruled by a different satrap who served as the governor. In addition to charging the people annual taxes to contribute, Darius built a strong army and maintained heavily fortified roads and cities. Darius also viewed himself as a divine ruler, who practiced the Persian religion of zoroastrianism. Greece was a region that was surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean as well as the Mediterranean Sea, Syrian desert and the Alps Mountains. Most of Greek civilization is located in the Greek mainland, the...
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