Writing Exam 3 Too Old To Drive

Topics: Old age, Gerontology, Middle age Pages: 3 (953 words) Published: April 16, 2015
ESL 141 Writing Exam
Reading Source (article): Too Old to Drive?Author: Debora Vrana (woman) Writing Prompt: Should there be a maximum driving age? Describe TWO benefits (or detriments) of implementing a maximum driving age. Writing Requirements: Write a 4-paragraph argument essay which follows the organizational structure shown below.

(1) Paragraph 1 (Introductory Paragraph)
In this paragraph, you should give the title of the article, the author’s name, and a 4-6 sentence summary of the MAIN IDEAS of the article. Do NOT give any specific details (statistics, examples, paraphrases, facts, or direct quotes). Your introduction should also include your THESIS STATEMENT which addresses the test prompt shown above. Be sure to underline this thesis statement. If you desire, you may begin this paragraph with a hook sentence. However, this is not required. (2) Body Paragraph 1: Using the assigned article (reading) for support

In this paragraph, you should begin with a clear topic sentence with a controlling idea. Remember, this is your FIRST REASON which supports your thesis statement. Be sure to follow the sentence structure of a topic sentence as discussed in the online Student Forum. You need to support the argument presented in your topic sentence with INFORMATION FROM THE ARTICLE. This support should use at least two of the following supporting methods: examples (NOT personal), statistics, facts, paraphrases, and “direct quotes”. Be sure to conclude your body paragraph with a concluding sentence which expresses the SAME IDEA as seen in the topic sentence. One benefit of implementing a maximum driving age is that would lower the risk of traffic accident. Generally, elderly drivers may cause much more traffic accidents. For instances, In 2003, a 70-year-old man drove into booths at a farmers market in Florida, and six people were injured. This elderly driver make this traffic accident happened directly, and he has the main responsibility for this accident....
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