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Why OB is Important to a Management (Robbins, 2005)

Organizational Behavior-MGT 345

Organizational Behavior (OB) is a field of study with distinct area of expertise. It is a significant characteristic of management which applies psychological principles of OB to improve individual and group performance to make organizations work more effectively, (Robbins, 2005). OB is a vital part of any organization and is critical in determining an organizations success. How concepts of OB are applied can determine how a corporation can become successful, (Robbins, 2005). OB involves communication, culture, values, and decision making, etc. Because of the evolving workforce with older individuals, more women, people of color, people of different cultures, corporate downsizing, and increased temporary help, this has brought a lot of challenges and opportunities for managers to use the concepts of OB in recent decades.

In an organization that I am familiar with, management deals with communication exceptionally well. There are solid channels of communication between management and the workforce with the appearance of transparency (About UTC, 2014). The organizational structure is known so everyone knows the communication directions within the organization. For employees email and IM are available as forms of communication tools allowing everyone to communicate actively with each other. The organization uses technology, marketing tactics, and employees to communicate successes, goals and vision to the customer. They share the principles, company vision, social responsibility, and mission statements.

The company culture maintains values that every part of the organization reaches outside its own walls and out to the communities. The company is a well known global entity and is well known by its product line that relies on quality and promotion strategies for its success....

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Robbins, S. P. (2005). What is Organizational Behavior. In S. P. Robbins, Organizational Behavior. Pearson Prentice Hall.
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