Your Elusive Creative Genius

Topics: Ancient Rome, Roman Empire, Ancient Greece Pages: 3 (973 words) Published: January 16, 2015
 Your elusive creative genius
-Elizabeth Gilbert

“Everyone one of my books have
killed me a little more.”
-Norman Mailer

Elizabeth Gilbert a 40 year old writer whose love and fascination is writing talks about creativity, it’s original and extraordinary concept and how people have now come to the point where they pressurize the creative and how the creative are treated like they are unstable in this Ted talk- “Your elusive genius” which is also in the 20 most popular talks of all time. The talk starts with Elizabeth talking about the release of her new book and memoir-“Eat, Pray, Love” which became a mega-sensational international best-selling book. She recalls that while she is flushed with her new success her friends and fans are treating her as if she’s doomed as she needs to live up to all the expectations given to her by everyone. I quote, “Aren’t you afraid you’re never going to be able to top it? Aren’t you afraid that you’ll always write a book and you’ll never create a book that anybody cares about at all. Ever again? Aren’t you afraid of being humiliated and rejected? Aren’t you afraid that you’ll work your whole life in writing the book which no one likes and that you’re going to die in a scrap of broken dreams and your mouth filled with the bitter ash of failure?” and on and on. Personally, I think the people are just pessimistic and that they were jealous that she was getting all the lime light. She tells us that in the 20th century, creative minds were often looked down upon and were often victims of suicide or mysterious deaths. She further talks about how every creative person in the world has faced many pessimistic criticizes and advices or are facing them right now even as we speak. She believes that mankind has always criticized about each other’s works which is a good thing as it strives us to do much better than we normally do,...
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