A Bronx Take

Topics: The Bronx, English-language films, A Bronx Tale Pages: 2 (833 words) Published: March 11, 2013
A Bronx Tale

Nature vs Nurture what has more influence on an individual? In a movie the Bronx Tale a thrilling gnagter story following the life of “C” the neighborhood kid, wgho despioratly antsd to be cool. And gets into a habbit of sneaking out of the house to follow around Sonny neighborhood top dog. But the problem is Father Lorenzo is exceptionally against C’s passion. Out of the two fathers C’s developed Sonny the gangster is more optimistic and carrying about C’s personal opinion. Rather than Lorenzo whobuilded the old school. In the world we live in people must be evolving to survive. In order to survive one must take old ideas and develop new ways to tackle the world. If with time your own origin started to look boring, and you found an escape and a chance to become something bigger would you? In a movie The Bronx Tale in a typical Italian community in the late sixties when gangsters wore their pants on their waste line. A boy named Calogero(the main character) at the age desires to become like Sonny(the top dog of the neighborhood) and a carrying father Lorenzo tries his hardest to keep C from going down a dark path. The main conflict of the story is obey the system: the marry Italian girl, live by the rules, and save up the benefits. Or become something other be with who you want to be black, white, green, make dirty money and loose all trust in people because you have a target on your head. Personally I strongly believe that there is no set path and C should have chosen to do his own thing the two old man’s are too extreme. In life there is no right or wrong life is the grey area and rather than choosing the sides C should have been his own person; instead of copying Soony the whole movie things he says, the hand motions, and attitude.

Lorenzo is a typical stubborn old man who smells like nagging. His speech about the “wasted talent” is a reoccurring theme of the whole movie. Also is defiantly the focus of the tale. By the end C agrees to it...
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