A Five-Dimensional Study of the Life and Work of Sex Workers

Topics: Prostitution, Male, Sex worker Pages: 3 (1259 words) Published: October 7, 2012
A Study of Male and Female Sex Workers
A Bridge: Trance Gender
A Comparative Study of Male and Female Sex Workers
Sex, Sprit (Sedation) and Money (Earning): The Life of Sex Workers S.Michael Jeyabalan1 , D.Selvabalakrishnan 2, S.Gabriel Sathish3 and C.Ravi Samuel Raj 4* 1 Department of English, Pope’s College

2 Department of Education, Sivanthi College of Education, Udangudi, Thoothukudi District. 3Department of Business Administration, Pope’s College
4 Department of Chemistry, Pope’s College, Sawyerpuram, Thoothukudi District.

Why we should not be a political or administrative leaders of a nation? and most of the corruption is for biological offspring, we don't have such a problem and sincerely work for the nation. This was the question asked by a Trans Gender (TG) during our visit for the study. The study has been carried out among Female Sex Worker (FSW), Male Sex Worker (MSM) [Men/males who have sex with men/males], Social Workers (SoW), Clients (C) and field workers (Peer Workers (PW)). This is a five dimensional, through study on the life and working of people in the sex industry. The samples involved forty two FSW, twenty three MSM, ten social workers and fifteen peer workers.

The goal of SoW involved in the project is preventing the SeW (Sex Worker) from contagion of AIDS and STD. That is only the health point of view of the SeW. As the SeW do not have the alternate income generation project for them and the SoW are not advicing them to give up this profession. The reason for the SoW not advicing the SeW is the fear that if they do anything towards providing an alternative income generation project or attempted to advise them the SeW will drop-out of the present health care setup and continue to indulge in this act without protection. The SoW mainly act as a bridge between government and the peer workers and to some extent to the SeW. The SoW know the general profile of the SeW. In their point of view, in this trade the SeW gets the three...
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