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Coursework is divided into two separate components:

(a) Written Team Assignment (60 marks)

Students are expected to have a keen understanding of the role and importance of organisational behaviour to firms. A variety of case studies are provided to illustrate the various organisational behaviour concepts that students are required to analyse. (b) Presentation (40 marks)

Students are required to present the report made based on the analysis of the following cases.

Mini Case Study/Presentation

Students are required to answer question based on the following mini cases:

Case - Madam May May is a head of department in an organisation. She has about 20 subordinates from diverse background working under her supervision. Currently she is facing some problems in managing her subordinates. The following are the descriptions of her problems:

1.One of her subordinates, Ms. Apple Ang, always comes late for work for about 10 – 20 minutes. She is always apologetic when she comes late, giving various reasons for her lateness. Madam May May is undecided on whether to punish Ms. Apple Ang for her lateness or to accept her reasons.

2.Mr. Ben Ban is a new staff who joined the organisation 4 months ago. He is still under probation. Madam May May is satisfied with his learning attitude however he is still unable to adapt to the culture of her department. Madam May May would like to guide him in his learning in order to improve his performance.

3.Ms. Cecilia Chiang is an outspoken staff, who likes to give comments and feedback in meetings. The first few times when she voiced out her opinions in the meetings, Madam May May was happy with her comments and praised her for doing so. However, since then, Cecilia started to comment on almost everything during meetings and this has seriously distracted discussions and prolonged the meetings unnecessarily. Madam May May now wishes to stop Ms Cecilia from making comments in meeting unnecessarily.

4.Madam May May found that she always makes mistake in selecting new staff. In a few instances she tends to select applicants solely based on their educational background. This has resulted in the hiring of incapable staff, and in some other instances her selection decision is affected by comparisons with other applicants she recently encountered, which resulted in inconsistency in the quality of new selected staff. Once, she rejected an applicant who seemed very qualified but had a visible tattoo on him, which made Madam May May very uncomfortable. Madam May May would like to know the ways to avoid making such mistakes during selection.

5.Mr. David Dong, Ms. Elaine Eng, Mr. Francis Fong and Ms. Honey Heng are working as a team in the same project. Mr. David Dong is the leader of the team. Recently Madam May May observed that Mr. David Dong and Mr. Francis Fong are the ones who take responsibility for the team’s project while Ms Elaine Eng and Ms Honey Heng seem to put in minimal contribution. Overall, the relationship between the members in the team is not satisfactory. Madam May May would like all team members to put in equal effort and improve the relationship in the team.

Write a report to Madam May May, providing her with solutions for ALL the above problems using the concepts/principles/theories learned in this course. 1.Instructions: (Written Assignment)

·Date of submission of Group Assignment: During the first tutorial class in week 4. ·You are required to work in groups of 3-5 members (subject to changes). (a)Your assignment should not exceed 10 pages, maximum 2 pages per case scenario (exclude appendixes and references) (b)To be typed in font 12 pt, Times New Roman and 1.5 spacing, 1” margin on every side. (c)Cover page to include title, name of all members, and course. (d)Page numbering to be...
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